Is there any items is prohibited and restricted to be send?

Items that are prohibited to be send through ParcelFly services includes any pressurised container (e.g. aerosols), flammable liquids (e.g. perfume, nail varnish, alcohol, etc), printer cartages/toner, tobacco, cash (including coins), medicines/drugs, and items that are liable to speedy decay or deterioration (e.g. perishable foodstuffs like raw meat, vegetable, fruits, etc). 

The following items are prohibited from shipping: 

·Any pressurised containers (i.e. Aerosols)

·Explosives, flammable or non-inflammable gas / liquid / material / substances (e.g. paints, thinners, solvents etc)

·Liquids, Gels or Pastes of any type

·Printer Cartridges / Toner

·Loose Batteries / Power Banks

·Any device containing battery against our Battery Policies

·Animals and/or Animal Products and/or Pets

·Flowers or Plants

·Human remains and/or cremains

·Religious Artefacts

·Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products

·Medical or clinical samples

·Tobacco, cigarettes, and/or electronic cigarette. 


·Perishable or speedy decay items (e.g. foodstuffs like fruits & vegetable, raw meat, frozen food, crops, dairy farm products as well as beverages like wine, beer, champagne or liquor and etc)

·Item’s packages that are wet, leaky and/or will emit odour of any kind.

·Items required a proper temperature controlled environment

·Firearms or weapon and/or ammunition (including items that look – alikes or imitations of same)

·Highly valuable items (e.g. antiques, jewelleries, precious stones, jewellery and electrical instruments)

·Cash and/or tradable currencies

·Credit cards

·Passports and/or personal confidential documents

·Counterfeit goods

·Dangerous goods of any kinds 

·Unlawful or restricted goods or products

This list is not exhaustive and other items may be included. ParcelFly reserves the right to bar any prohibited items to be delivered via our services. 

Apart from items on above list, some countries may have added prohibited items. To ensure the compliance of rules and regulation, always check with country’s customs authority. 

Toiletries and other liquids, pastes and gels

Liquids, pastes and gels of any kinds including toiletries and cosmetic are restricted in all international deliveries.


Perishable or speedy decay and deterioration foodstuffs like fruits and vegetables, raw meat, crops, dairy farm products (including dried dairy farm products like protein powder), seeds, nuts and etc., are prohibited for delivery in all routes. 

All liquid, paste and gel based foodstuffs are not allowed for international delivery. 

Dry foodstuff and/or confectionary such as cookies, Biscuits, candies, chocolate and crisps are normally permitted to be delivered to most countries. 

Some country may restrict specific or selected meats, poultry, game and/or its related products to be send into the country.

Country’s customs have the right to reject and return any packages containing any foodstuffs that restricted for entry into their country at their discretion, or in some cases, offending or prohibited items will be detained,seized or forfeited by them. As such, we suggest customers to seek advice or information from destination’s customs directly or via its web – site prior to the shipments. 

Explosives, flammable or non-inflammable gas / liquid / material / substances are strictly prohibited for delivery

Unaccompanied luggage laws strictly prohibit explosives, flammable or non-inflammable gas / liquid / material / substances such as aerosols (other pressurised container of any kinds), hair sprays, perfume,medicines containing alcohol, aftershaves, liquor and etc., to be sent thorough any delivery services to all routes regardless of any circumstances. Adhering to these laws, ParcelFly will not deliver these items.  

Battery Policies

Shipments containing loose battery, damaged or defective batteries and / or power bank are prohibited throughout entire ParcelFly delivery services. 

Laptop, TV, phone, printer or other electrical items

Electrical items can be delivered via our services. Meanwhile, we suggest our customer to deliver those electrical items that fits in the standard size luggage or ParcelFly’s carton Box and do not required any further packaging.  

Electrical items or electronic appliances such as Laptops, televisions, printers and etc which exceed the size of standard luggage or ParcelFly’s carton Box are not recommended to be delivered via ParcelFly or it will be sent at the owner’s risk. ParcelFly will not liable for any loss or damages. We suggest customer to have adequate insurance in place for such electrical items upon delivery. 

Please noted that, especially customer who wish to send non – standard luggage size or large electrical items aforementioned,all items send via ParcelFly will move severally through the machine – controlled network, so there is a risk of damage or spoilt during the transition of shipments if no proper wrapping, packaging, and protection on the packages.

The initial retail packaging is not sufficient in protecting against damages even though it is a double walled box such as those used to pack the flat screen television. 

We suggest our customer to have further protection for any electrical items, for example, by packing the items in a double walled shipping box and cushioned it with packing material like bubble wrap. 

Kindly contact us for more information on sending non – standard suitcase or items exceed ParcelFly Standard Carton Box size.

Laptops, Mobile/Cell Phone

If customers are sending a laptop, mobile or cell phone, the battery must be removed from the casing. International shipments prohibits any reasonably lithium per order. Device containing lithium batteries or the lithium batteries itself that is known, suspected, to be damage, broke or defective are prohibited to be send. Any product containing lithium batteries that are recalled by the manufacture or merchandiser for any reason are not allowed to be send. Further information on sending Lithium battery can be found here. 


What are the difference between STANDARD CARTON BOX and SUITCASE under Luggage Delivery service options?

ParcelFly Luggage Delivery service meant to deliver Personal Effects (i.e. personal goods such as shoes, books, clothes) that do not require further packaging once can be placed in standard size suitcase or a ParcelFly standard carton box. 

ParcelFly Standard Carton boxes service offer solution to cater your delivery needs. If you are running about sourcing packing material, ParcelFly offers you variety of Carton Box that suit your needs. Take a look at our available Standard Carton Box choices and decide which one is right for your belonging in size and weight. All you need to do next is pack your items in an easy – carry – packing (e.g. any recycle carryall, bag, or any recycle carton box and etc) without exposure of your content. Do ensure the packages is easy to carry for the ease of pickup by our pick up personal. Then sit back and relax, leave the proper packing job to us. We will re – pack your items into your selected ParcelFly Standard box for FREE!

Standard Cartoon Box

Weight allowance








Suitcase services are designed to cater personal belonging deliveries that packed in a suitcase which vary in size from small to extra – large. 






Weight Allowance





Dimension allowance

(height x width x thickness) 

53 x 36 x 24cm

63 x 41 x 27cm

70 x 450x 30cm

80 x 58 x 36cm

What is the Price or charges for luggage delivery?

Visit our Booking Page to find out the price of delivery to your destination country. 

The price shown are categorised into ParcelFly Standard Carton Box and Suitcase delivery service.

Price charges are based on both size (dimension) and weight of items. Our standard weight brackets comes with a generous size allowance and most of our customer will find their item fall within these standard brackets.

Customer will be charged for subsequent bracket up if item or items

1.Exceed the maximum size allowable for a selected weight bracket, or

2.Exceed the maximum weight allowable for a selected weight bracket but within the size allowable.

3.Exceed the maximum weight allowance of the weight bracket selected. 

The charges is applicable for all service options of ParcelFly.

(Exceed the size and weight allowance according to your selected service options)

How long in advance do I need to book, how soon can you collect?

ParcelFly guarantee the collection of the shipments will be done within 1 hours from the collection selection time.

How long will my parcel arrive at destination?

Time taken for parcel to be delivered is vary according to the destination post code and it’s subjected to custom clearance procedure. Typically, it takes about 2 – 3 operating days to reach the destination. ParcelFly will email an estimated transit time and tracking number with supporting information provided by our courier partners once your booking have been confirmed. 


What payment methods do you accepts?

Payment can be made through Visa and MasterCard. Currently we are not accept payment via Paypal, cash or bank transfer. 

Why has my card been declined?

The most common reasons for our system to decline a payment are:

·The type of card used is not accepted by us, such as the Discover card or JCB card

·As we are a Malaysia based company, banks might generally block your payment when paying in country other than your own country if they notice that your card is used in several international locations with as few hours but cannot verify whether the payment is on – line or the card being physically used.

(Nothing to worry about under this circumstances, a quick call to your card issuer to verify the payments is made under your consent and authorisation is all that’s usually needed.

How do I make an outstanding payment?

If there is any charges discrepancy due to over weight and/or, ParcelFly will email you to ask for an outstanding payments. Click the link from the email and it will direct you to the payment page to complete the payment. 


How should I prepare my package for pick – up? What types of packaging should I use?

ParcelFly Standard Carton Box Service

This service offers solutions for customers to ship their personal belonging without hassle to look for a packing box. ParcelFly offers you variety of Carton Box options that suit your needs. Select an options out of 3 available options that can fit your belonging in size and weight. 

All you need to do next is pack your items in an easy – carry – packing (e.g. any recycle carryall, bag, or any recycle carton box and etc) without exposure of your content. Do ensure the packages is easy to carry for the ease of pickup by our pick up personal.We will re – pack your items into ParcelFly Standard box. 

Suitcase Service

Thedurable and sturdiness of hard case suitcase may vary by manufacturer and many of them are created to be light – weight at the expense of its effectiveness in wear and tear resistance. Hence, our recommendation is to select a soft sided luggage if obtainable.

For customs examination and security reason, do not lock or seal your bag. Instead, you can secure it with a cable tie. 

If your luggage have a handle, please secure it in place with tape to ensure it do not slide out and spoiled while in transit. 

Spinner – style wheels luggage have been popular used in recent years. Based on our experience, while they provide easy of mobility for the luggage, however, some of them are typically not sturdy and durable enough. Thus, we suggest to choose the one with recessed wheels if using a spinner – style luggage. 

What do I need to do before collection?

Once your order have been placed, collection labels will be generated and send to you via email. If shipments are send to a route that needs customs clearance, customer are required to prepare a packing list detailing the contents in the luggage, and some routes may even need to furnish with an additional form for customs. Hard copy of booking labels, and related and applicable customs documentations are required. 

Can I lock and seal my luggage?

We suggest customers to secure their bag with cable tie, instead of a padlock or luggage lock, as cable tie is easy to cut away while not damaging the luggage if there is an inspection required on your luggage. We neither recommend the use of TSA lock on your luggage. Padlocked luggage are usually be rejected at our packaging centre. 

If a luggage needs inspection for any reason while such luggage is padlocked, ParcelFly packing centre, our courier partner or customs authority might break the locks without notice. However, it is more often that the shipment will be hold till the authorisation given to break the lock. This might result to transit delays.

Please note that ParcelFly will not liable for 

1.Any delays on delivery due to impediment in inspection of padlock luggage aforementioned,

2.Damage of locks being removed for luggage inspection purpose

3.Missing lock.

Also, we do not recommend customers to wrap their luggage in plastic like shrink wrap, saran wrap or cling wrap for protection. Again, please bear in mind that, ParcelFly packing centre, our courier partner or customs authority might tear down the wrapping to perform security inspection on any contents in the luggage. Any damages on the luggage resulted from the tearing is not liable by ParcelFly. 


What addresses are you able to collect from and deliver to?

Residences – Proper address and relevant detail or information should be enclosed on the order.

Condo/Apartment - Proper address and relevant detail or information should be enclosed on the order.

Business – Shipments should be left or pick – up at reception that is operated between 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

University - Shipments should be left or pick – up at the reception of the halls of residence or student service centre or any other relevant department of university.

Hotels – Shipments should be left or pick – up at the concierge / bell desk / reception or other relevant department. 

Airports - Shipments should be left or pick – up only from hotels nearby or close to the airport, not within the terminal. 

If you send a personal shipment to a hotel or business please use C/O in the company line to enable to customs authority to recognise that it is a personal shipment travelling to a hotel or business and not a commercial shipment. 

What time will my parcel be collected?

Collections generally carry out within 1 hour from your selected collection time.

Will the delivery personnel call or text me before my collection?

Indeed, the delivery personnel will do so if they are having problem in locating the address. Usually, they will turn up at your place based on your chosen collection time. Please contact us if the delivery personnel do not show up 1 hour later than the estimation time.


How do I track my shipments?

You will received an email with a link to track your items once your shipment has been collected. 

Why has my luggage stopped tracking?

Delivery by road or land delivery will take hours or days to establish the journey between locations. The tracking is only able to be updated once the vehicle has physically reached the next sorting hub, station or deport. As compare to air shipments, the updates of the tracking for land delivery could be less frequent due to aforementioned reason.  

You can monitor your tracking information online from the links provided via the email send by ParcelFly. If your tracking does not update for more than 48 hours, this will probably alert ParcelFly team to follow up with our courier partners. Do contact us if tracking failure happens.

Occasionally, tracking labels may detach from the shipment when it is moving through the network. If this happens, any un – labelled items will be sent to a central location to be identified, re – labelled and shipped on. The shipment can be tracked again as normal once re – labelled is completed.

When can I obtain the tracking information after the collection of my parcel?

All collected bag will be forward to ParcelFly processing centre for packing and security screening. The Tracking number will be emailed to you after the process is completed. You will start to receive up – to – date tracking information once the shipments has been forwarded to our courier partners. 


Do customs affect me?

Yes. Custom laws, rules and regulations will affect your shipments. You are required to provide a packing list detailing the contents of the shipments and the estimated used value of such contents for customs clearance purpose. 

Additional information or documentation may also be required depending on country’s customs. For example, you may need to complete an “Unaccompanied Personal Effect Statement” or provide additional documentation such as a copy of consignee’s passport and/or flight ticket. 

More information regarding specific documentation necessary for your chosen route can be found on the relevant country’s customs information page on our website. 

The consigner is responsible to ensure he/she is aware of 

·Own delivery circumstances, and/or

·The destination country’sprevailing customs regulation for all items to be send, and/or

·Whether the consigner is liable to pay any taxes, duties or local charges, and/or

·Unexpected delay due to additional processing or inspection by country’s customs

If the shipments is hold or detained by customs authorities and it is found to be not complying with duty free entry policies, it will be the consignee’s responsible to complete any clearance procedure and make payment on any taxes, duties or charges.  

To avoid long customs clearance delay, we strongly advice the consignor to prepare all required customs documentation completely and attached it to your luggage or boxes securely and visibly so that it is clearly visible to the customs authority for assessment.  

Please note that the processing time for customs clearance may vary greatly from country to country. It can take several days for the customs authority to receive the information and process the shipments. As such, our estimated transit time quoted do not counted the event of customs clearance delay. 

How much duty and tax at destination should I need to pay?

Most countries offer an allowance for used Personal Effects and thus duty or tax will be exempted in most of the cases. 

In some instances, certain countries might not offer any duty and tax exemption in all circumstances. Extra fees for customs process could also be charged in some cases. 

Please note that ParcelFly are not able to check, confirm or fully advise on whether customers have fully complied with the destination prevailing customs rules and regulations. 

We therefore suggest our customers who sending items on an international routes to seek advice directly with the destination country’s official travel advice line or customs office. 

How much should my item value be declared?

The declared value is used by customs authority to examine and evaluate whether the items shipped is conformed to their regulations for duty – free clearance as used Personal effects, which the value declared indicating the items are not new and being imported for business commercial or merchandising, or for any reason other than private use.  

Only used personal product could enjoy duty – free clearance, not new items. So you should declare the used personal items with the calculable used resale value, not the initial value of the newly bought goods. For instance, a toothbrush would have a resale price of a few cents, and a second-hand shirt could be valued at a few Ringgit Malaysia. You should write as follow: "Used Training Adidas Shoes X 2 - RM100, Used Levis Jeans X 2- RM50, Used Cotton T – Shirt X 4- RM10 ", rather than as "Used Clothing X20- RM0 ".

Most countries grant generous tax and duty – free allowances for returning residents, travellers or settlers who send their unaccompanied luggage containing used personal items or personal effects. The exact maximum allowances for country may vary and subject to change. So, ParcelFly could not guarantee all shipments under a specific value will be exempted from tax and duty. However, we may limit the maximum value that you could not exceed for some specific routes, so as to reduce the chances of duty and tax charges. If you are unsure, we do suggest customer to seek advice with relevant customs authority to confirm the exact limit of duty free allowances.  

If your shipments is found to be not complying with the regulation for duty – free entry, the responsibility to complete any clearance procedures, and pay any taxes, duties or charges is laid with the consignee. If you send new and commercial items, it will be taxable. 

Why my shipment still stuck in customs?

Time taken for customs clearance may vary in different country. 

If your shipments has been hold on or remain in customs longer than our recorder average, there may be due to several reason, including

·Missing or incomplete necessary documentation or paperwork. 

·Customs need to contact the consignee to confirm further details.

·Customs need to conduct physical inspect on the shipment.

·Delay caused by processing and clearance of substantial volume of shipment. 

·The shipment being on hold is pending for payment, such as duty, taxes or customer storage or handling fees. 

ParcelFly will keep track on all shipments going through customs clearance and will keep you updated. If you have any concern about the time taken for your shipment to be in clearance or have been contacted directly by our courier partners or country’s customs authority for additional information, always contact ParcelFly team for further assistance.  

Can I send non – Personal Effect item? Will this affect customs clearance?

ParcelFly do accept non – personal effects delivery. Meanwhile, please note that non – personal effect delivery is classified as commercial shipments and it is subject to import duties and taxes of destination country. The duties and taxed imposed by country’s customs authority may vary, we therefore suggest our customers to obtain more information directly with the destination country’s customs authority prior delivery.   


What addresses can you deliver to?

Residences – Proper address and relevant detail or information should be enclosed on the order.

Condo/Apartment - Proper address and relevant detail or information should be enclosed on the order.

Business – Shipments will be delivered to reception that is operate between 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

University - Shipments will be delivered to reception of the halls of residence or student service centre or any other relevant department of university.

Hotels – Shipments will be delivered to the concierge / bell desk / reception or other relevant department. 

Airports - Shipments should be left or pick – up only from hotels nearby or close to the airport, not within the terminal. 

What needs to do if I miss the delivery driver? Can I arrange a new delivery?

When the delivery is failed for any reason, you will receive a missed – out delivery card or a call from our courier partners. If there is no responds, you may always write to us to request a second delivery. 

Please bear in mind that our courier will only attempt delivery 3 times. 

What time will my parcel be delivered? Will I received a telephone call?

The delivery will carried out anytime between working hours at 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (local time). Unfortunately, ParcelFly team unable to provide an exact or accurate delivery time and as drivers are not guaranteed to call on arrival, someone might need to be available throughout the day to sign for the shipments.